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Get Conductor Searchlight Certified

The Conductor Searchlight exams test your knowledge of the platform to further advance your skills and help you get the recognition you deserve.

The three levels of Certification are All Star, MVP and Legend. The exams were created to be taken in order as they test you on progressively more advanced knowledge and workflows. Raise your level of competence and help your team use the insights in Searchlight by becoming certified.

All-Star Certified

All-Star Certification

• 1 hour session: live training with Conductor CSMs + exam
• The basics of the platform
• 70% to pass
• Take as many times as needed

MVP Certified

MVP Certification

•1 hour session: live training with Conductor CSMs + exam
• Advanced workflows
• 80% to pass
• Can take three times
• Pre-req: All-Star Certified

Legend Certified

MVP Certification

• 2 hour workshop: written + verbal portions with a Conductor CSM
• Expert workflows
• 85% to pass
• Can only take once a year at C3
• Pre-req: All-Star & MVP Certified prior to C3

Think you have what it takes?

Take advantage of a great professional development opportunity and strengthen your knowledge of Conductor Searchlight to help your team reach their business goals. Questions about certification? Visit the knowledge center or contact your Customer Success Manager.

Remember, Legend Certification can only be taken at C3, so make sure to sign up and reserve your spot today.

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