Conductor Customers have the opportunity to attend Conductor Searchlight Certification where they can identify new ways to grow their search programs, become more efficient in the product, and receive recognition for their proficiency.  This year we are offering all three exams, including Legend Certification which can only be taken at C3.

On the day of C3, registrants will need to bring a laptop or iPad in order to take the exam.

If you need to switch your certification session after completing registration, or have any questions, email or your Customer Success Manager.


All-Star Certification

  • All-Star is the introductory level to Searchlight Certification.
  • You must exceed 70% to pass the exam.
  • You can take the exam as many times as you need to pass.
  • You should be prepared for All-Star certification after finishing your Searchlight Training.


 MVP Certification

  • The MVP level digs into the whys and hows of Searchlight – not just the whats.
  • You must meet or exceed 80% to pass the exam.
  • You can take the exam up to three times.
  • You should be prepared for MVP certification after passing the All-Star exam and spending time on your own using Searchlight.

Prerequisite: All-Star Level Certified


 Legend Certification

Legend Certification includes a written exam & a verbal portion with a member of the Conductor Customer Success team. This session will test your critical thinking in different business scenarios – typical to what you deal with in your day-to-day use of Searchlight.  Legend is only offered once per year at C3, making this certification a rare and prestigious differentiator in this competitive industry. 

Prerequisite: Must be All-Star & MVP certified PRIOR to C3.

Register for Conductor Searchlight Certification when purchasing your C3 ticket.

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