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Calling All Marketers Masters

The annual Conductor Searchie Awards are a time when outstanding leaders are recognized for their great achievements and innovation in organic marketing.  Each C3, teams and individuals are nominated by you, as well as the Conductor Customer Success team for a number of prestigious awards.


Most Innovative
This award recognizes extraordinary creativity in digital marketing.

Best Global SEO
This award spotlights a business with transcontinental organic influence.

Excellence in Integrated Marketing
This team has excelled in breaking down silos to improve and optimize, take a holistic approach to their marketing strategy.

Conductor Searchlight Power User
This is a Searchlight aficionado who shows high activity and time in the platform, and has translated that mastery into more search market share.

Best in Class Agency
This agency delivers the best in class strategy, execution, and experience for their clients.

Best in Class Brand
This brand executes an innovative and highly effective organic marketing program that leads to increased market share, traffic, and overall brand recognition.

Content Powerhouse
This award goes to the company who produces extremely high quality content on a consistent basis.

Small Team, Big Return
This is the team that does more with less, competing against big brands even through they may have less resources.

Industry Rising-Star
This person is newer to organic marketing, but they quickly mastered their craft to become an indispensable asset and future industry thought leader.

Industry MVP
This person knows organic marketing better than almost anyone. Their thought leadership and innovative approach to organic marketing is exemplary.

Conductor Rookie of the Year
This company is new to Conductor, but they already know how to use Searchlight to crush their goals.

Customer-First Content of the Year
This award goes to the company that built the single best piece of Customer-First Content. This content helps customers answer questions and find solutions, without asking anything of them in return.

Project of the Year
This award goes to the team that executed the most impactful customer-first project of the year. It could be something technical—like a well done redesign/migration—or a something where you created new types of content to make your site experience more helpful to your customers. Either way, this award goes to the team that took a big swing and knocked it out of the park.

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