Lessons to Lead Your Content Team Through a Digital Transformation

When: 8 May, 2019
Duration: 35 mins
Allyson Collins, NYU Langone Health |
Matt Crowley, MoreVisibility


Matt Crowley, VP of Digital Services, MoreVisibility & Allyson Collins, Sr. Director of Digital Communications, NYU Langone Health

The demands of digital transformation can unsettle even the most seasoned content team. Take some cues from lessons learned by those who’ve already weathered the journey. In this session, you’ll learn how NYU Langone Health & MoreVisibility have paved the way for content teams to emerge successfully from digital transformation initiatives – including the hospital’s own. You’ll leave understanding how your team’s challenges may not be so different from others’ and gain tips for specific changes you can make to help position your content team as leaders in your organization.

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