Lunch & Learn: Mindfulness in a Changing World

When: 7 May, 2019
Duration: 40 mins - 12:50PM Start
Jodi Baretz


Join Jodi Baretz, psychotherapist, health coach, and author for this self-improvement Lunch & Learn. Our current lifestyles are already fast paced, hectic and chaotic, but politics, technology, 24 hour news cycles, and social media are pushing us over the edge. How can we possibly manage it all, especially in the workplace?

A calm, stable, focused workforce gets the job done more efficiently, creatively and precisely. Jodi offers an overview of mindfulness benefits, techniques and how one can apply it in their everyday life to become a more effective employee (and an all around happier person). The research is compelling. Mindfulness is increasingly used in corporate environments because it:

  • improves focus and decreases absenteeism
  • reduces stress and interpersonal tension
  • enhances decision-making capability, creativity and
    emotional intelligence
  • releases potential that has been diminished by stress
    and fatigue

People who learn to manage their minds and mental states perform better, which benefit their teams, colleagues, clients, customers and stakeholders.

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