Bill SebaldFounder,
Greenlane Search Marketing

    Bill Sebald started working in SEO in 1996.  He is the founder and a managing partner of Greenlane, a digital marketing agency outside of Philadelphia.  Greenlane is focused on helping companies identify and overcome digital marketing challenges.

    Bill joined GSI Commerce (later eBay Enterprises) in 2006 to create their SEO channel and build SEO functionality into the platform.  During that time he helped more than 80 big brand retailers with their SEO visibility.

    Today, in addition to Greenlane, Bill is an Adjunct Professor teaching SEO at Philadelphia University.  He writes for trades like Moz and others and has spoken at several conferences.  He performs music, is passionate about photography, and rides a Harley, all in an attempt to prove to the world he’s not actually a huge nerd.

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