Garth O’BrienDirector & Global Head, SEO,

    Garth O’Brien began his Digital Marketing career in 2002 while practicing law. As the youngest attorney in the law firm he was tasked with learning and managing SEO and SEM. This rapidly expanded to blogging and engaging in the very early days of Social Media (StumbleUpon, Mag.Nolia, Digg).

    In 2006, Garth left the practice of law to pursue a fulltime career in SEO and SEM. He ran the global Search Marketing program for a small technology company for several years and then worked under Duane Forrester as an SEO Manager for MSN in 2009. Garth was responsible for various MSN channels for North and South America; Money, Real Estate, Autos, Health and Lifestyle. At this point Garth focused primarily on SEO and observed the importance and cross-over with Social Media.

    He then joined Catalyst Digital and for several years owned and directed the SEO programs for Hallmark, Chevron, IKEA USA, Xbox, Windows Phone and was one of four SEOs to support In this role he was the account and operations director working directly with the client and their internal teams. He also consulted on special SEO projects for Beats by Dre, Hawaiian Airlines and came full circle doing a tour of duty with MSN once more.

    In March 2015, Garth joined GoDaddy becoming their Director and Global Head of SEO. Garth also drives several Social Media projects where SEO and Social converge and is one of three members responsible for the GoDaddy global content strategy. GoDaddy operates in over 40+ markets worldwide.

    Garth has worked with and trained dozens of engineering, editorial, marketing, PR and executive teams about Search Engine Optimization and Social Media.

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