John SheldonCMO,

    John Sheldon is the Chief Revenue Officer/Chief Marketing Officer for FreshDirect. He joined FreshDirect in July 2017 as the next step in a career focused on driving innovation and change at major brands including MasterCard, Inc. and eBay Enterprise, Inc. In his latest role, John oversees all marketing activities and drives integration between all revenue-related functions for FreshDirect, FoodKick, and FreshDirect At The Office through a focused customer-centric mindset.

    John specializes in providing the analytical rigor and process to help companies build and mature key capabilities. Prior to FreshDirect, he led Innovation at MasterCard Labs for more than 3 years where he was responsible for creating, developing, and managing the portfolios of innovation concepts that led to scaled businesses and products for Mastercard. Notably, he oversaw the launch of Mastercard Labs for Financial Inclusion (MCLFI) in Nairobi, Kenya and the implementation of a new digital marketplace for farmers in East Africa to sell their crops and handle payments. This lab was developed and launched with funding partnership from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    Prior to joining Mastercard, John held various positions at eBay Enterprise, including head of growth programs and head of strategy. In his career spanning innovation, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship, John launched dozens of ecommerce businesses and was a founding partner at Customer Portfolios, a digital CRM company in Boston. Throughout his career, John has been an innovation-driving business leader with deep expertise in business transformation, digital, and e-commerce, and has vast experience in all key marketing disciplines.

    John graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. He currently resides in Chatham, NJ with his wife and two daughters.

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