Ren LacerdaSenior Manager, SEO,

    A marketer since the early 90’s, Ren started his career in offline marketing, creating, developing and testing point-of-sale retail techniques for national networks in the publishing and consumer goods industries. 

    In 2007 Ren fully specialized in digital marketing, after discovering social media and falling in love with SEO. Since then, Ren has been leading SEO in enterprise e-commerce, large consumer brands, higher education, B2B, and advertising agencies.

    For the last five years, Ren focused on how to successfully create, develop and lead effective SEO teams. His latest secret SEO sauce includes experimenting and learning from the use of cutting-edge Digital Marketing concepts and technology, combining behavioral and quantitative data to drive enterprise level SEO strategy that can create sustainable, scalable and significant growth.

    In 2015 Ren earned his MBA from the University of South Florida, and moved to the Boston Area. Ren currently enjoy the perks of raising a family in the suburbs of Shrewsbury, MA, and works at Wayfair’s World Headquarters in Boston, as the Sr. Marketing Manager, SEO.

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