Take Their Word,
And Ours.

Undecided as to whether to join us for C3 2018?
Below is a collection of testimonials from Twitter, Instagram, and an anonymous survey that was sent to all 2017 attendees. Save your seat now and see for yourself.

  • Second year I've gone. Once again impressed with the quality of the presentations/speakers. These are top-class talks.

  • Great Conference this year! Great job Thanks much for the good times!

    @FilipeS Shutterstock
  • Fabulous ! Thanks for having me present. Will recommend Social and Content teams attend next year.

    @garthobrien GoDaddy
  • Team for another excellent gr8 speakers like   & 30 more!

    @josepf EducationDynamics
  • Impressed by many of the speakers and by the top-notch companies they represented.

  • A big thank you to for a great two days of . will see you again next time.

    @NickWerker Answering Legal
  • The focus on Big Data and customer first marketing this year was super helpful in my own day to day marketing efforts and strategies.

  • Tightly organized around strong themes with top-notch presenters. Friendly, informative, and fun!

  • It was eye opening for me on what was available! This type of content metrics and search was always a black hole to me and Conductor shined a spotlight on it for me.

  • It was AMAZING! The insights and new tools debuted and the incredibly knowledgeable panelists and speakers blew me away.

  • I felt that the sessions and keynotes speakers were excellent, well planned, and very informative.

  • Thanks to and for an amazing . Looking forward to doing it all again next year.

    @Cole_Watts Waste Industries
  • Feeling inspired after . So many great sessions!

    @kathyIsanders Wpromote
  • Big, massive & heartfelt thank you to brilliant folks at for a fantastic - To friends old & new, great to meet you! Cheers!

    @simmonet Homes.com
  • Cutting edge insights into the current and future state of marketing in a digital age.

  • The focus on Big Data and customer first marketing this year was super helpful in my own day to day marketing efforts and strategies.

  • the semrush foxes found some friends! Great conference...I think it was better than DMA, loved that I never felt sold to!

    @MonicaMKE Arena Sports
  • That moment when you wish a conference had another day. Lots of notes and ideas to bring back home. Thanks

    @Lewisgprod Racepoint Global
  • Great thought leadership. Meaningful discussions. Actionable information.

  • I came away feeling inspired and energized to apply what I had learned.

  • Thanks to all the folks at was a really good show.

    @SimonHeseltine ForRent.com
  • I now dream in C3.  Boom.

  • Very insightful presentation from at . The audience walked away with direction to start their search analysis.

    @_kevinrowe Rowe Digital
  • It highlights the wisdom, consensus, and big wishes at this very moment of content + digital marketing.

  • I like the combination of a condensed SEO conference that caters to the enterprise level crowd. There's a lot of good conversations that happen outside the sessions as well as the session content itself.

  • Learning from the head of search marketing from LEGO, too cool.

    @NJayme PCG Companies
  • Sessions at C3 gave my team ideas for quick, actionable wins as well as for long-term strategy.

  • Wish it was longer...

  • Great event in every way and very much looking forward to the next one.

  • My little marketing heart has skipped several beats. is amazing!

    @cachebyte GC CUNY

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