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The best marketers in the world come to C3. Through our digital chatroom, you'll be able to connect with marketers.

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With marketers facing the same challenges and reaching for the same goals as you.



Tactical strategies to engage your customers through search and empower your team to take action.



Your marketing to meet shifting search trends so you can be where your customers are.

Anyone with a growing business needs Conductor in order to succeed. Our inbound leads and sales due to online inquires grew by 200% month over month.

Ciera Lim

Global SEO Senior Manager, Converse


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C3 delivers real interactivity in real time. With our networking hub, you’ll never be alone:


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Grow your most lucrative channel

Organic media is the single biggest source of web traffic, and it yields the highest ROI. Your team will leave the event with the know-how to expand your organic channel.


Realize your mission

C3 is all about the search for something bigger– truly knowing your customer and helping them with your company’s special expertise. Your team will come back from C3 more excited than ever to realize your vision together.


Train and develop your team

C3 is a crash course in the latest and greatest trends and marketing tactics; maximize your training budget and accelerate your team’s performance by sending them to C3 to get up to speed.

Meet the speakers

Network with and learn from a curated lineup of digital marketing leaders.

Seth B

Seth Besmertik

Co-Founder & CEO, Conductor

C3 Headshots Selina Eizik Copy

Selina Eizik

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Conductor

C3 Headshots Eric Farkas Copy

Eric Farkas

Senior Director, Digital Marketing, WeWork

C3 Headshots Matt O'Such Copy

Matt O'Such

VP, SEO, Getty Images & iStock Photo

C3 Headshots Robert Ramirez Copy

Rob Ramirez

Senior SEO Manager, Ticketmaster

C3 Headshots Scott Messina 2

Scott Messina

Director of Search and Design Strategy, Samsung Customer Care

Jonathan Bleier 3

Jonathan Bleier

Senior Global SEO Manager, McAfee

Kristi Dillman 3

Kristi Dillman

Search Manager, Zurich North America

Kara Lombardo

Kara Lombardo

SEO Manager, Dick's Sporting Goods

JD Metz

JD Metz

Head of Enterprise Business, ClearVoice

C3 Headshots Michael Bruh 2

Michael Bruh

VP, Head of Account Success, Conductor

C3 Headshots Stephan Bajaio Copy

Stephan Bajaio

Chief Evangelist & Co-Founder, Conductor

C3 Headshots Pat Reinhart 2

Pat Reinhart

VP, Digital Strategies, Conductor

C3 Headshots Caitlin Rashbaum Copy

Caitlin Rashbaum

Director, Account Success, Conductor

C3 Headshots Katie Greenwood

Katie Greenwood

SEO Manager, Conductor

C3 Headshots Sam Pena Copy

Samantha Pena

Senior SEO Strategist, Conductor

C3 Headshots Jake Adleman 2

Jake Adelman

SEO Lead, Conductor

C3 Headshots Zack Kadish Copy

Zack Kadish

Senior SEO Strategist, Conductor

C3 Headshots Zack Kakuda Copy

Zack Kakuda

Senior SEO Success Manager, Conductor

C3 Headshots Mari Irby Copy

Mari Irby

SEO Success Manager, Conductor

Alexandra Dritsas 3

Alexandra Dritsas

Senior Solutions Consultant, Conductor

Dan Portrait

Dan Williams

Account Director, Conductor

Hannah Whalen

Hannah Whalen

Content Strategy Lead, Conductor

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