Why Attend C3?

Join the biggest names and brightest minds in SEO, content, and digital marketing.

Why should you send your team to C3?

Not that our 3 C’s aren’t enough, but here are a few bonus reasons to send your team to the Big Apple this Spring.

  • Your bottom line will thank you. Organic marketing drives revenue. Not only is it the single biggest source of web traffic, it also brings in more qualified leads than any other channel and yields the highest ROI. At C3, your team will dig into the successful strategies employed by top B2B and B2C brands.
  • Your team will grow. With intensive sessions focused on everything from the biggest trends in digital marketing to the techniques essential for long-term organic success, your team will leave C3 with the latest digital marketing insights, ready to lead your organization into the future.
  • You’ll help your customers. With fresh strategies and inspiration from C3, your team will be better able to tap into the voice of your customers. You’ll gain a renewed understanding of your audience and how to reach them, so you can deliver content that speaks to their needs, earning their loyalty—and their business.
  • You’ll get more out of your MarTech. Conductor partners with the most innovative companies in marketing technology, which makes C3 a great opportunity to check out the latest tools from Yext, DeepCrawl, and more. Conductor Searchlight users can also attend our advanced certification classes and level up their skills, so your team will get even more out of our platform.

Why should you attend C3?

We’re more than our great after party. (Though we do have a great after party.)

  • You’ll grow professionally. Our speakers will share cutting-edge perspectives on their areas of expertise, sending you home with the actionable insights you need to understand your customer, un-silo your data, empower your marketing team, and grow in your career.
  • You’ll connect with your marketing community. C3 brings together marketing leaders from around the world to share their success stories, challenges, and hard-won wisdom. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with your fellow digital marketers at a range of non-traditional networking events, as well as our famous C3 parties.
  • You’ll be inspired. Spending three days discussing big ideas, hearing inspiring case studies, and learning from the best will leave you feeling reinvigorated and re-engaged. You’ll return home with a renewed passion for your work, as well as a range of new tactics to put into practice.

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