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Why You?

Find your tribe

The best marketers in the world come to C3. Through our digital chatroom, you'll be able to connect with marketers from every background who face the same challenges and strive for the same goals that you do.

Expand your toolbox

At C3, our speakers show you tactics and strategies for understanding and engaging more deeply with customers through search, and how to empower your entire marketing org with those insights.

Take action

C3 is not a conference that’s just about ideas, it’s about how to take the steps to put those ideas into action. Our speakers will break down their inspiring visions and marketing experiences into concrete next steps.

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I found every session I attended valuable in some way, either obtaining new ideas or confirming my own hypotheses.

Ciera Lim
Global SEO Senior Manager, Converse

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Why Your Team

Why should you send your team to C3 2020?

Grow your most lucrative channel

Organic media is the single biggest source of web traffic, and it yields the highest ROI. Your team will leave the event with the know-how to expand your organic channel.

Train and develop your team

C3 is a crash course in the latest and greatest trends and marketing tactics; maximize your training budget and accelerate your team’s performance by sending them to C3 to get up to speed.

Realize your mission

C3 is all about the search for something bigger– truly knowing your customer and helping them with your company’s special expertise. Your team will come back from C3 more excited than ever to realize your vision together.

Get more out of your marketing tech

If your team uses Conductor Searchlight, they can attend an advanced class and get certified to get even more out of the platform. If not, you’ll be able to see how to leverage your marketing tech stack to get better results than ever before.

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The biggest draw for anyone to attend C3 should be the extraordinary networking opportunities.

2019 Attendee

C3 Experiences

Search for something exciting. See what other experiences C3 has to offer!


Take advantage of a great professional development opportunity and strengthen your knowledge of Conductor Searchlight.

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The Searchie Awards recognize marketing leaders for their achievements and innovation in organic marketing.

Partner Ecosystem

Explore all of the cutting-edge technology and services in our Partner Ecosystem. Our partners are on hand to show you all of the latest and greatest.

The After Party

The fun doesn’t stop when the session end. Relax, recharge, and rock out with entertainment, food and drinks at NYC’s iconic Copacabana.

The Innovation Lab

Stop by our Innovation Lab to see Conductor’s newest product updates and get a free organic marketing consultation.

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