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Get leading marketing insights from the industry’s most successful SEOs, content marketers, and digital leaders


Make lasting connections with the best minds in marketing


Get ready for an incredible time that’ll leave you energized and excited for the future

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At C3, we bring together the brightest minds from across the marketing industry all on one stage. Keep your eye out here as we continue to add to our All-star speaker lineup.

At C3, you’ll get the right mix of marketing inspiration, innovation, and insight. Whether you’re responsible for SEO, site rankings and traffic, content strategy creation and implementation, or you’re a digital marketing leader with overall responsibility for marketing results, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our 3 brand new tracks below featuring epic content you won’t want to miss:


You are a digital leader interested in transformation, planning and high-level strategy


You strive to inspire, innovate and experiment to take your marketing campaigns to the next level


You have an appetite for getting in the weeds, finding tried-and-true formulas, and discovering new case studies to supercharge your campaigns

Sit tight while we finalize the C3 2018 agenda.
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Senior marketers from leading global brands attend C3 every year including:


C3 is well-known for its epic after party as a way to relax and unwind with your peers! Join speakers, partners, and fellow attendees at our exclusive networking event.


96% of attendees last year
rated the event as good or excellent.

Conductor’s technology and agency partners showcase their latest and greatest organic marketing services and solutions in the C3 partner ecosystem. You will have the chance to meet content and SEO experts, test drive new products, and learn about new ways they can solve problems, serve their customers, and grow faster. Thank you to our 2017 partners:


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Conductor Searchlight Legend Certification is one of the most prestigious credentials you can earn in organic marketing. Legend Certification is only available at C3, and early registrants will have access to the limited number of seats.  Learn more about the three levels of certification being offered: All-Star, MVP, and Legend.


“Sessions at C3 gave my team ideas for quick, actionable wins as well as for long-term strategy.”

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New World Stages is a renowned off-broadway theatrical complex that has served as a home to Tony-Award-winning, Guinness-Record-setting, and Pulitzer-Prize-earning shows such as Avenue Q and the Gazillion Bubble Show, and now C3 2018.

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“Tightly organized around strong themes with top-notch presenters. Friendly, informative, and fun!”


I have a group of people who want to attend – is there a group discount available?

Conductor customers can contact their Customer Success Manager for information on group pricing.  For general attendee group pricing, please contact to speak with a member of the C3 team.

Are there press passes available?

A limited number of press passes are available each year – please contact for more information.

I would like to speak at C3. What is the process?

At C3 we are constantly on the lookout for top marketing talent to join our speaker panel. If you have a good story to tell, fill out our form & we’ll get back to you if we think you’re a fit for the C3 stage.

How does my company become a sponsor?

Limited sponsorships are available. If you would like to discuss opportunities please contact Kat Heisler on or 212.542.5130.

What is the dress code/attire for the conference?

There is no official dress code for the conference and we welcome a range of attire at the event. Business casual is the most common attire.

Do I need to pre-select sessions to attend?

No, you’ll be able to move around sessions freely on the day.

Will I receive the PowerPoint decks from the speakers?

Yes, these will be made available shortly after the conference and you will receive an email with a link.

What meals can I expect at the conference?

Breakfast and lunch will be served on both days of the conference, and there will be food and drinks provided at the after party. There will also be snacks throughout the day.

Can I transfer my ticket to a colleague?

Yes you can before the event. Email and the team will be happy to amend your registration. No transfers can be made after your badge has been picked up.

I have a question that’s not covered here – who should I contact?

Feel free to e-mail any additional questions to and a C3 team member will be happy to help you out.



  • Get inspired with marketing best practices from leading global brands
  • Meet your organic goals by checking out success stories from your peers
  • Learn advanced techniques for mastering your organic strategies


  • Be inspired by innovative content campaigns to drive engagement sky-high
  • Understand how to create an authentic customer connection
  • Discover ways to tap into customer intent to create a bigger impact and add value


  • Uncover best practices for successful team enablement to drive ROI
  • Recognize the impact of your organic strategies on the entire marketing workflow
  • Empower your business by collaborating with your peers on key marketing challenges

Learn, Collaborate, Share

Day 1: Wednesday, March 1

8:00 - 10:00Breakfast & Registration
8:15 - 9:15All Star Certification

Set yourself apart from the crowd by getting certified on the leading content intelligence platform. Current Conductor customers can raise their level of competence in Conductor Searchlight and learn how to help their team leverage all of the insights that Conductor has to offer.
• All-Star is the introductory level to Conductor Searchlight Certification.
• You must exceed 70% to pass the exam.
• You can take the exam as many times as you need to pass.
• You should be prepared for All-Star certification after finishing your Conductor Searchlight Training.

8:15 - 10:15Legend Certification

This session is open to Conductor customers who are All Star and MVP certified PRIOR to C3 2017.

This session is only offered once per year at C3 in New York City, making Legend Certification a rare and prestigious differentiator in this competitive industry.
The Legend Certification includes a written exam, a verbal portion with a Conductor Customer Success team member, and will test your critical think about Conductor Searchlight in different business scenarios.

9:15 - 10:15MVP Certification

Current Conductor customers can raise their level of competence in Conductor Searchlight and learn how to help their team leverage all of the insights that Conductor has to offer.

• The MVP level (level two) digs into the whys and hows of Conductor Searchlight - not just the whats.
• You must meet or exceed 80% to pass the exam.
• You can take the exam up to three times.
• You should be prepared for MVP certification after passing the All-Star exam and spending time on your own using Searchlight.
• Prerequisite: Must be All-Star certified.

10:30-12:30Opening Keynote:Customers, Value, and the Future of Marketing

Fireside Chat Keynote Panel: Marketing Through Transformation: The Story of the 124-Year Old Startup

Opening Keynote:Seth Besmertnik, CEO, Conductor

Fireside Chat: Andy Goldberg, CCO, GE • David Kidder, Creator & Author, The Startup Playbook

12:30 - 1:30Lunch
Strategic SEOContent Marketing IntelligenceDigital Marketing Leaders
1:30 - 2:10The Evolution of SEO: How to Become a Modern-Day SEO Master

Simon Heseltine, VP of Search,

In this session, you’re will see how search engines have evolved over the last few years, and where they’re going. You’ll discover what you should have done, that if you haven’t, your competitors may have. You’ll get insights into where you should focus your 2017 SEO budget, and it will also provide an intro into some of the other topics that will be covered in more depth over the rest of the conference.

Reverence + Relevance:
Evolving the Ultimate 130-Year-Old Brand

Jill Cress, CMO, National Geographic

Search Presence Intelligence (SPI): Where Search Meets Business Intelligence

Stephan Bajaio, VP of Professional Services, Conductor

2:15 - 2:55AMPs Spotlight: From Tactics to Challenges and More

John Shehata, VP, SEO, Condé Nast

Creating an Authentic Customer Connection: Data-Driven Strategic Storytelling

Adam Singer, Analytics Advocate, Google

In a world increasingly saturated with data and information, visualizations are a potent way to break through the clutter, tell your story, and persuade people to action. Raw statistics by themselves are fine. But showing in context, whether with a simple chart or more creatively in an interactive form, is the future of sharing information and storytelling and needs to be embedded in the thinking of all communications professionals. In this session Adam will share some data visualization and analysis best practices for both your internal business uses and external marketing to tell the clearest, highest impact stories.

Next-Generation Marketing: A Journey in Enterprise Digital Transformation

Jay Wightman, Head of Digital Experience, John Hancock

Innovator and entrepreneur Jay Wightman reveals what the journey looks like for an enterprise to adapt for the next generation of digital marketing for any industry. Jay has helped several brands adapt their legacy products and services to better align and scale online.

2:55 - 3:15Coffee and Networking Break
3:15 - 3:55Afternoon Keynote: Marketing In The Age of A.I. and Machine Learning

Dharmesh Shah, Founder and CTO, Hubspot

The marketing industry has seen a lot of change in the past 10 years. We'll see even more in the next 5.  Artificial Intelligence is no longer something PhDs work on quietly in the background. It's already having an impact on many industries -- and marketing is next. We'll take at some of the near-term use cases including chatbots, predictive marketing and content optimization.

3:55 - 4:152017 Searchie Awards
4:15 - 5:00Afternoon Keynote Panel: Creating a Customer-First Marketing Strategy

Moderator: Seth Besmertnik, Conductor

Panelists: John Schulenberg, Intuit • Garth O'Brien, GoDaddy • Missi Carmen, Stamark International

In 2017 and beyond it has never been more important to put the needs of your customers above your own business goals to set yourself up for success. With the customer in control, brands need to adapt their strategies to ensure they are solving the problems of their customers at every possible touchpoint. But putting customers first raises several key questions:
How can businesses realign their marketing efforts to meet this crucial trend and stay on top of this paradigm shift?
How can SEO and content marketing work together to place the customer at the heart of every marketing decision?
How can marketers better utilize the data available to truly understand customer’s intent?
How can marketers help senior leaders understand and commit to a customer-first strategy?
Attend this lively panel discussion with digital marketing leaders from Intuit, GoDaddy and VKidz who will share their insights and experience with embracing a customer-first marketing strategy. You'll leave with practical ideas of how to transform your marketing organization by advocating for customers in all that you do.

5:30 - 8:30C3 After Party

Day 2: Thursday, March 2

9:00Breakfast & Registration
9:15 - 10:00Opening Keynote: People First vs. Google First Search

Wil Reynolds, Seer

Strategic SEOContent Marketing IntelligenceDigital Marketing Leaders
10:05-10:40Who Really Has Time for SEO? Aligning Internal Teams for Success at a B2B Organization

Matt Crowley, MoreVisibility• Greg Tucker, RSM US LLP

One of the most difficult challenges in achieving success with SEO and Content Strategy at a B2B organization with many divisions isn’t knowing what to do, it’s getting it done. Gaining alignment and buy-in across numerous business functions and teams can be a nightmare, especially when you have tangible results to achieve. In this session, Matt Crowley (MoreVisibility) and Greg Tucker (RSM US LLP) will discuss how B2B organizations like RSM US LLP can achieve alignment on their SEO and Content strategy.

In this session, you will learn how an organization with 38,000 team members across 760 offices in 120 different countries is able to achieve alignment on their SEO goals, even when embarking on a global re-branding and website re-design initiative.

Building Brand Affinity: Creating Content Around Customer Intent

Crispin Sheridan, SAP • Mike Grehan, Acronym

Ideally, in a personal selling situation, you’ll hear the words: “Can I help you?” Or, some kind of variation on that theme to start a conversation. And yet, online where we have so many opportunities to start a conversation that way, we often choose to stampede into a potential customer’s life, effectively shouting: “10% off if you buy within the next 5 nanoseconds!” Or, some kind of variation on that theme. The sad truth is, most marketing and sales teams have tons of content for late stage offers and negotiations that they force into the process way too early. And yet so little to start a conversation much earlier on the path to purchase. Don’t start your relationship and brand building activities with the price of everything: start with the value. Don’t wait until, the last minute to communicate with potential customers, be there in the early stages to provide help, not hype, to create that longer-lasting brand affinity.

Staying Ahead in the Age of Innovation: Tips for a Successful Site Migration

Adam Audette, Merkle • Kemp Honeycutt, Acronym

In a world of constantly evolving searchers and search results, it is critical for webmasters to keep up with the needs of their users. Almost every website will need to undergo a site migration at some point in time whether to become secure with HTTPS URLs, move to a new platform, consolidate websites, or introduce user-friendly URLs. Adam Audette (Merkle) and Kemp Honeycutt (Shoppers Choice) have done the heavy lifting to understand what can make and break a site migration. In this session you will learn why you should consider migrating, what the process of performing a successful migration looks like, and potential pitfalls to avoid.

10:40-11:00Networking Coffee Break
11:00-11:40Keynote Session: Rebooting Strategic Content Marketing

Robert Rose, Content Marketing Institute

We’ve all seen the recent headlines: Content Marketing isn’t for everyone. Businesses Struggle with Digital Content. Content Marketing is more expensive, or takes too long.  Well, the truth is – those headlines are mostly true. But they don’t have to be. Marketers can transform content marketing into something much clearer, and actually something that helps the company become more profitable.  Let’s reboot the whole notion of owned media, reset and peel back the covers of what’s actually going on with successful content marketing approaches in today’s digital enterprise. Let’s take a hard look at the actual business strategy of content marketing and how we might fix content marketing and get to real, demonstrable, and profitable value to our business.

11:45-12:25Moments That Matter: 4 Tricks for Measuring Your Website

Thom Craver, CBS Interactive

Moments That Matter: 4 Tricks for Measuring Your Website
Measuring your website is vital to understanding not only how your site is performing, but also how visitors consume the content. Going beyond simple measuring of visitors and page views can sometimes be tricky and often requires some JavaScript and code-level access. Tag Managers can take some of the labor out of that process and probably speed up your site's load time in the process. Thom will show you how to why you should be measuring certain visitor events to understand visitor behavior better. Through concise but practical examples, he'll show you how to make measuring events quick and painless while helping you understand your site better.

Attendees of this session will walk away ready to feel the benefits of:
• Better event tracking
• Tag managers
• Less code and faster page speeds
• Tracking people, not visits

How to Use Search Data to Build Content that Drives Value at Scale

Grant Simmons, VP of Search Marketing,

While cat videos may still dominate YouTube & Instagram, quality content creation requires a less feline focus, and an ability to scale content beyond kittens with value and uniqueness. Join Grant Simmons as he demonstrates how leverages big data and fat cats to create content that aligns with; brand messaging, user interest, and search engine quality mandates. You'll get inspired, excited and empowered with ideas and information that will scale your content strategy out of the litter box and into Google's search results.

How LEGO Keeps Marketing Relevant For Audiences in Constant Change

Luis Navarette Gomes, LEGO

LEGO is well known for being a brand with exceptional consumer engagement and a strong and loyal fan base, but how does LEGO keeps relevant to different audiences?
Luis Navarrete will discuss how LEGO produces content for audiences like children, parents, adult fans and how LEGO uses an integrated approach through PR, Social Media and Search Marketing to create unique campaigns that drive high levels of consumer engagement. During the presentation we will see some examples of campaigns focused on the toy’s brand core values, how the content travels across different channels, and how they innovate their way of doing marketing.

12:25 - 1:30Lunch
1:30 - 2:10Keynote Session: Innovation in Content Marketing Starts with a Reality Check

Jason Miller, LinkedIn

Marketers have been operating under a false pretense regarding their audience's ability to concentrate for longer than 8 seconds. I call this the Myth of the Goldfish. In this keynote, I'll debunk the myth and reveal how changes in society's ability to multi-task are transforming how companies should approach their content marketing strategy. It’s time to start thinking in terms of brains over budget, doing more with less, thinking extravagantly and creatively to double down on what’s working. We'll cover up-cycling your pre-loved content to extract every last ounce of value from your existing investments and innovating around the technology you already know how to use. From long form content to video and everything in between, I'll show you how to build an owned media empire.

2:15 - 2:55Leveraging Crawler Intelligence to Prioritize Impactful SEO Strategies

Sarah Dryden, Path Interactive • Piera Palazzolo

Digital marketers and SEO’s regularly make decisions about website content, internal site structure, or technical refinements by relying on “best practices” (as documented by the search engines themselves) and a trial-and-error approach: “If I change this, will search engines find my content more easily, or assess it to be more relevant?” But when it comes to how search engine crawlers actually visit and move through a site, we’re often in the dark – especially for enterprise level sites with an overwhelming amount of content. In this session, Sarah Dryden (Path Interactive) and Piera Palazzolo (American Management Association) will discuss how using web logs to document and compare trends in actual crawler behavior can help narrow down key priorities for an enterprise-level site.

Top 10 Facebook and Twitter Advertising Content Promotion Hacks of All Time

Larry Kim, WordStream

Learn unusual tips, strategies and processes for getting 100-1000x more links for your content using paid ad campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, and how to convert 3-5x more of those visitors into leads and sales - all for less than $50 per campaign. You'll take away critical insights into how the algorithms of paid social media advertising really work, and 10 ALL-NEW ridiculously powerful content promotion and conversion strategies, like how to get getting your content to the top of Digg, Hacker News, Reddit, Medium, Linkedin Pulse and other alternative channels.

• Detailed understanding of the algorithms that power paid social advertising on Facebook and Twitter
• How to make content go viral with ridiculously small ad budgets
• How to use remarketing to convert people who consume content into actual sales and leads for your business

Habits of a High Growth Company

Joanna Lord, ClassPass

Joanna will cover how to organize your teams and company for accelerated growth. She’ll cover how to introduce experiementation across stakeholders, who to hire and what processes to leverage to make sure you’re maximizing across all cylinders to dominate the competition. Additionally, she’ll walk through common best practices from some of the fastest growing companies so you can understand what makes them stand out and ultimately win.

2:55 – 3:15Coffee Break
3:15 - 3:55Mad Science = Mad Productivity - aka “How Vlookup Can Change Your Life”

Josepf Haslam, EducationDynamics

Fire-hosed with data from disparate sources? Who’s got time to piece this together without IBM’s Watson? You do. We will walk through real life use cases marrying Searchlight data with other Searchlight data, with internal data, and Search Console data.

Answer questions such as “what is the ROI on my content?” or ”what makes for a great answerbox?” or “is there a quality difference between my writers?”.

Come with your own questions and we’ll see if we can use some mad science to mash up data sources to give you actionable insights. I will show you how we’ve increased productivity and corporate earnings by using these techniques and the Conductor Professional services will be on hand to answer your questions too.

Cutting Through the Content Clutter: Engaging Video Content Marketing

Mark McMaster, YouTube

• Deep dive on trends in video consumption behavior as seen on YouTube
• Explore the challenges and opportunities for content in a mobile-primary, multi-screen world
• Understand how to measure the value of video engagement and decode disparate video metrics

The Intersection Between Digital Marketing / Acquisition & Brand Marketing

Carolyn Tisch Bodgett, Peloton Cycle

4:00 - 4:45Closing Keynote Panel- A Quick Word: The New Era of Search Marketing

Moderator: Mike Grehan, Acronym
Panelists: Collin Colburn, Forrester • Angie Benamati, Stanley Black and Decker • Geoff Colon, Microsoft

At the dawn of search the major problem that search engines had to contend with was very short queries. Single word, two and three word were the norm. “Digital Camera”. What does that actually mean and what’s the intent behind the query? Buy one? Sell one? Repair one? Information retrieval science has come a long way to better understanding intent to provide the optimal end user experience.

But the new challenge on the horizon is the prevalence of speech based search. Whether it’s Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa or your phone or tablet (even smart watch and games console) with Siri and Cortana, speech recognition is big. A leading scientist in the field of machine learning and deep neural networks reported that, as speech recognition goes from 95% accurate (approximately where it is now) to 99% accurate (literally just a 4% shift in accuracy), it will become the primary way we interact with computers. How will this affect us as search marketers? How do you optimize content for speech based queries? What if the end user is driving and talking to a black screen. How do you provide pay-per-click advertising when there’s nothing to click? Join a panel of experts as they discuss the complexities of what is already a fragmented path to purchase across devices, and the growth of speech based search in this new era of search marketing.

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